la laxma'i spaji spaji

a bilingual blog in Lojban and English · una bitácora bilingüe en lojban e inglés
un blog bilingue en lojban et anglais · ein zweisprachiger Blog auf Lojban und Englisch
relbau prekarni bau lo lojbo e lo glico


jbonunsla de'i li 2005

ni'o ba'o jbonunsla de'i li 12 pi'e 9 lo'o noi mumdei ku'o bi'o li 12 pi'e 11 lo'o noi nondei ku'o ne'i la mAriot zei xotli pe ne'i la filydelfias i ui mi pa re'u zvati

i loi platu be la filkan to zoi gy gy toi pu ba'o sabji lo canlu poi lo jbonunsla cu pilno ke'a i ju'o ru'e se ja'e bo lo bruna be la noras cu catni la filkan i mi'a ca'o zutse ru'u pa jubme pe ne'i lo selkei kumfa

i ta'o zvati fa
la lojbab jo'u la noras jo'u
la camgusmis jo'u
la clsn jo'u
la epkat jo'u
la tenes jo'u

i ta'o nai la'o gy Nanofictionary gy se ci'erkei i ca'o bo mi ciska lo lisri be fi la clsn jo'u mi gi'e ba za jmina ly la lojban uikis sei sa'a ba'o jmina ly i la navias drap jo'u la zendos se ci'erkei i so'o cukta to la'o gy The Complete Lojban Language gy jo'u la'e lu la lojban mo li'u toi cu se vecnu i la clsn cu re roi se ctununta'a fi loi selci'i pe la filkan la lojban i la camgusmis pu terlisri lo nandu nunkla be fi la filydelfias le jbocradi i lo lisri ba za gubni

ni'o ju'o cu'i lo jbonunsla be de'i li 2006 ba cabna la pEnguikan vi la dytcroit

ni'o sei sa'a se karni le'a lo si'o
Logfest took place from Friday 9 December to Sunday 11 December at the Marriott Hotel in Philadelphia. I attended for the first time (Woohoo!).

The planners of Philcon had provided the space for Logfest, partly because Nora's brother is in charge of Philcon. We sat around a table in the gaming room. Those present included Bob and Nora LeChevalier, Robin Lee Powell, Mark Shoulson, Matt Arnold, Stephen Weeks, and me.

We played Nanofictionary. I transcribed the stories written by Mark & me & posted them to the Lojban Wiki. We also played Navia Dratp & Zendo. A few books (The Complete Lojban Language and What is Lojban?) were sold. Mark gave two lectures on Lojban to interested Lojban attendees. Robin told the tale of his difficult journey to Philadelphia for Lojban Radio; the tale will be broadcast in a little while.

It looks like Logfest 2006 will be held at Penguicon Detroit.



Blogger Bryce said...

This is such an interesting blog, and it really helps to read the two languages side by side. Thank you so much for your work!

Here's another site you might want to share that's also helpful in learning Lojban:

Lojban wiki browser

17 November, 2008 19:49  

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