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srana lo xi'ojda e lo flalu

ni'o mi jo'u lo bavyspe ca lo prulamcte cu seltivni veldraci pa cmima be lo porsi no'u la'o gy Law and Order gy to ri fo mi'a du'e la'a roi seltivni draci toi i lo bi'u nai porcmi ne me'e zoi gy Under God gy draci la'e di'e

i tu'e lo la'orxi'o jdaca'i cu catra lo nanmu poi vecnu lo selmaltcu xukmi bu'u lo termalsi i jy krici lo du'u lo bi'u nai nu catra cu vrude ki'u lo du'u lo se go'i pa roi vecnu lo selmaltcu xukmi poi rinka lo nu pa nanla cu mrobi'o i ku'i ba za bo lo nu jy cuxna lo za'i flafu'e e lo nu pinfu cu se bapli tu'u

i ji'a mi'a pu za lo jeftu be li so'o cu veldraci fo la'o gy In God we Trust gy i ri draci la'e di'e

i tu'e lo ronmerko nanmu pu catra lo bavyspe be lo mensi be vo'a mu'i lo du'u by fi'ormerko i loi tcila be lo bi'u nai zekri cu terfacki ba zu lo nanca be li 9 i ja'e bo lo catra cu se ri'urgau lo pulji i lo go'i ba lo bi'u nai nu catra cu pu binxo lo vrude xriso i je lo go'i cu krici lo du'u vo'a na flafu'e kei ki'u la'e di'u i ku'i lo pairkamni cu jdice lo du'u lo go'i cu je'a flafu'e tu'u

ni'o lo xriso re mei cu krici lo du'u vo'a fuzme fi la cevn e nai lo jecta i ku'i lo'e merko xriso cu fuzme fi la cevn ba'e e lo jecta i la poi censa petrus e la poi censa paulus cu pu pinfu i ba'e la iecu,yx pu pinfu gi'e se pajni gi'e flalu se catra i la iecu,yx pu na troci lo nu rivbi lo za'i pinfu

ni'o mi pu je nai ca xriso i ku'i mi jimpe so'i da lo xi'ojda i mi na selsau le xriso terjda no'u lo si'o lo'e seljda cu bilga lo nu rivbi lo nu pinfu lo jecta se ja'e lo nu sy ba'o zergau
My fiancée & I watched an episode of Law & Order, which we probably watch too much of. The episode "Under God" went as follows.

A Roman Catholic priest killed a man who was selling drugs in his parish. The priest believed that the killing was virtuous because the man once sold drugs that killed a boy. But a little later the priest was forced to choose to plead guilty & to be imprisoned.

A few weeks earlier we had watched the episode "In God we trust", which went as follows.

A white man killed his sister's fiancée because he was Black. The details of the crime were discovered nine years later. As a result the killer was restrained by the police. He became a righteous Christian after the murder, and he felt he was not guilty because of that. But the jury decided that he was in fact guilty.

The two Christians believed they were responsible to God & not the state. But an American Christian is responsible to God and the state. Sts Peter and Paul were imprisoned. Jesus himself was imprisoned, judged, & executed. Jesus did not attempt to avoid his imprisonment.

I used to be Christian but am no longer. But I understand a good deal about Christianity. I am not familiar with the Christian doctrine that the faithful are obliged to avoid imprisonment by the state because they have committed a crime.

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