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bersa lo fange nerkla : Immigrant's son

ni'o mi ba lo nu la byrak obamas se cuxna ja'e lo nu binxo le bavlamji ralja'a be lai iunaityd steits cu cusku fi ro ba'u da fe lo du'u o bu ba pa moi lo'i panzi be lo fange nerkla be'o poi ke'a ralja'a .i krinu lo nu mi na pu se jungau fi le se go'i kei fa lo du'u jitfa

.i so'e prenu cu spuda fi lo nu lu pau la djordj uacyntn li'u preti .i ku'i le lanzu be u bu pu pu zu co'a xabju la vrdjiniys .i la djan noi ke'a patfu be le pafpa'u be u bu cu du le pa dzena ke fange nerkla be me'e zo uacyntn gi'e nerkla de'i li ji'i pa xa mu ze

.i la martn van biuryn ca lo nu verba cu se bangu le bangrnederlanda i ku'i lei dzena be le go'i pu lo nu le go'i cu jbena kei zu lo nanca be li su'o pa no no cu nerkla le bemro tutra

.i la andrus djaksn bersa le mamta e le ju'o ru'e patfu vu'o poi ke'a jbena fo la'o zoi Carrickfergus zoi ca lo nu ri se stuzi la airlynd .i nau se stuzi la berpau be la airlynd
In the wake of the election of Barack Obama to the presidency of the United States, I told everyone that he'll be the first immigrant's kid to become president. The reason I hadn't heard mention of that is because it's false.

Most people respond by asking, "What about George Washington?" But his family had settled Virginia early on. Of the Washingtons, his great-grandfather John was the immigrant, arriving in around 1657.

Martin Van Buren grew up speaking Dutch; still his forbears arrived in America over a century before his birth.

It is Andrew Jackson whose mother & purported father were born in Carrickfergus (then in Ireland, now in Northern Ireland).

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Blogger Kate said...

Interesting, but who was the first child of aliens to become president?

I'm happy to see you back in the blogosphere.

18 November, 2008 22:52  
Blogger komfo,amonan said...

Dick Cheney?

19 November, 2008 02:11  

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