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saske cipra : Science experiment

ni'o lo nu lo ratcu cu vi se viska cu milxe lo ka ce'u cafne .i mi pu ta'e viska ry ne'i lo tcana be bu'u la re ci moi klaji bei lo tertrene pe li xa ca lo nu mi ve ckule fo la'o zoi SVA zoi

.i mi ca pa lirvanci pu viska lo nu pa ratcu cu bajykla lo mlana be lo seldzu be ne'i lo tcana be bu'u la'o zoi Bergen zoi poi ke'a klaji bei lo tertrene pe me'o fy .i bo lo pa ninmu poi ke'a mo'i zo'i cadzu cu ca flira te preti fo mi fi lo panra be lu xu do viska lo pu zi se viska be mi li'u

.i ca lo nu mi pa re'u klama lo zdani lo terjvi dinju pe la'o zoi Shea zoi fu lo trene kei re za'e cipnrkolumbalivia to tcacpi toi cu nerkla lo trene i lo go'i cu stali ca lo nu lo trene cu re roi denpa fi tu'a lo lamji tcana .i ba zi bo cliva

.i ki ku ca lo prulamcte mi zvati la xarlem .i mi viska lo pa ratcu be ne'i lo tcana .i ba zi bo lo trene cu nerkla lo tcana gi'e se nerkla mi .i lo go'i cu trene lo ninmli je se zbasu be bu'u la nipon bei fi'o tertrene me'o ly e li xa e li re .i lo jinme lanka cu se lasna fi lo cnita sefta be lo stizu .i nenri lo lanka be fi'o te ragve mi fa lo pa cmalu je blabi smacu .i mi pu nu'o viska lo smacu be ne'i lo trene .i pe'i mi te cmene sy zoi zoi Gerald zoi
One sees rats often enough here. I used to see them in the 23rd Street station on the 6 train when I used to take night classes at SVA.

Once I saw one cross the platform at the Bergen St F station in the early evening. A woman walking toward me gave me a look: "Did you see what I just saw?"

Coming home from Shea Stadium once, two pigeons boarded the train. They stayed on for two stops, then got off.

Last night I'm in Harlem, & I saw a rat in the station. Then a train comes, & I get on it. It's one of the newish Japanese cars that runs on the L, 6, & 2 lines. There are metal mesh baskets under the seats. And in the one across from me is a little white mouse. I'd never seen a mouse on the train before. I think I'll call him Gerald.

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Blogger Dan Sallitt said...

I find it relatively easy to extend my affection for animals over into the rat kingdom. They seem nice enough, clearly don't want any trouble. I bet they would enjoy a little head skritch from time to time.

There was an anti-rat public-service poster around the city recently that bothered me. It had a picture of a threatening rat, and a short list of the animal's depredations. Then, after we were supposed to be on board with the program, a "Here's what to do" section, which included an instruction like "Don't feed squirrels, pigeons, and strays, because rats benefit." A scorched earth policy. I wrote on the poster in my apartment lobby: "If my cat strays away, I hope to God someone feeds her."

Mind you, I'm not taking a political stand here: I presume rats, pigeons, etc. are threats to the public health, must be controlled, etc. It just seems like a more emotionally complex situation than that poster lets on.

20 July, 2008 10:05  
Blogger komfo,amonan said...

I have mixed feelings about rats. I enjoy seeing them in the subways for some reason. I might feel differently if I had kids. I hadn't thought of it before, but there are some buildings over by Fifth Avenue where lots of kids play on the sidewalk before dark, and lots of rats scurry around after. I'd probably be pretty nervous if I were a parent there.

I have some other thought-shreds, but am unable to organize them.

20 July, 2008 17:49  
Blogger PCarino said...

Zoi zoi Gerald zoi, indeed.

I like rats and mice, too. Has it been proven that they are a menace, or do people just not like 'em cuz of their weird little tails?

20 July, 2008 19:48  
Anonymous kd said...

I left the 14th Street subway station the other night because I spotted a rat. My rat phobia is intense, rivaling Winston's from 1984. Mice are less threatening. Especially ones named Gerald. ("He's getting rather old, but he's a good mouse.")

20 July, 2008 20:37  
Anonymous Saro said...

This is the first I've heard about the city's rat extermination campaign. It seems odd that the Bloomberg administration would launch such an initiative without reaching out to the one community - New York's cat population - that has both the biggest stake in the issue and the most expertise to bring to bear on it. Hizzoner claims to have a distaste for back-room politics, but here's an opportunity for him to put into practice some of that "transparency, accountability and accessibility" that he likes to talk about.

21 July, 2008 12:44  
Blogger komfo,amonan said...

@PCarino: I think they could be considered a menace if their numbers exceed a certain tipping point. AFAICT they are not at that point these days.

@Saro: Nothing odd about Bloomberg. If you don't have mad cash he doesn't wanna know you. Hey wait a minute: when did you learn to type? Also, u doez haz ratz-krunchin skillz? kthxbai

21 July, 2008 23:35  
Anonymous Saro said...

There's really not much to do around the apartment, and they leave the computer on.

22 July, 2008 21:27  
Blogger ali said...

Take a couple if you wish, they're on the dish.

17 August, 2008 02:41  

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