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Singin' in the train

ni'o mi ca lo prulamcte cu pu ca'o ki klama fi lo zdani be mi fe lo zdani be lo pendo be mi te zu'e lo nu kurji vo'e ca lo nu py va ze'a lo djedi be li 2 cu vitke lo lanzu i ca lo nu mi denpa lo nu lo trene cu tolcliva kei kei lo girzu be se la'u li ji'i 25 cu barkla lo ragve trene ku gi'e ba zi bo jmaji gi'e ba zi bo sanga pa xriso vau ue ua nai i cizra i oi mi na ca bevri lo kacma po'e mi

ni'o sei sa'a se karni le'a lo si'o me la
Last night I was headed from my place to a friend's place to house-sit while she visited her family for a couple of days. While waiting for the train to arrive, a group of about 25 people got off the train opposite, gathered together, and sang a single Christian song. Unexpected. Weird. Wish I'd had my damned camera.

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Blogger k.c. said...

such a New York story. maybe the christian song helped fend off that insiduous summer-subway smell!

26 June, 2006 13:22  

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