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ca lo nu lo xarju cu vofli : When pigs fly

ue ti mo
Hold the phone. What's this?
i ua ue sai pau nai marji fi lo xarju fe lo cakla joi ba'e za'e silnyseljukpa xajre'u
A pig made of chocolate and ... bacon?!

i kukte oi nai sai ro'o

i ki'e ky e a bu
Thanks, K. & A.!

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Blogger Kate said...

We truly live in the best of all possible worlds.

03 May, 2008 19:42  
Blogger komfo,amonan said...

I am surprised to find myself agreeing with you.

04 May, 2008 00:12  
Blogger Dan Sallitt said...

It's kind of like "Bodies: The Exhibition," only with chocolate instead of polymer.

04 May, 2008 01:29  
Blogger komfo,amonan said...

Why yes. Yes. You're absolutely right.

04 May, 2008 23:51  
Blogger PCarino said...

Although I have enjoyed the delicious Vosges chocolate bacon bar, the fact of your chocolate being in the shape of a pig (hog?) trumps all. Wow!

05 May, 2008 10:55  
Blogger komfo,amonan said...

It's the touch that says, "You're dealing with professionals here." I haven't been able to stop. Thursday I had chocolate bread pudding topped with bacon crème anglaise from the Dessert Truck. It wasn't as bacony as the pig, but it was still quite good.

05 May, 2008 11:09  
Blogger PCarino said...

I've never eaten from Dessert Truck, but I like their mission statement: "...Our mission is simple: serve delicious desserts using the best ingredients...."

I wish I had such clear-cut, attainable goals.

05 May, 2008 13:26  
Blogger komfo,amonan said...

Yeah, me too.

05 May, 2008 18:30  
Blogger Kate said...

i'm speechless. whoaz.

19 May, 2008 23:29  

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