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un blog bilingue en lojban et anglais · ein zweisprachiger Blog auf Lojban und Englisch
relbau prekarni bau lo lojbo e lo glico


e'o ko tolju'i lo klesi : Please ignore the categories

Loyal readers (you know who you are) will note that I have been tinkering with the site for the last few days. Specifically, I've done a good deal of research on implementation of categories within Blogger, as Blogger does not itself support them. I decided upon a method, worked up by my new hero phydeaux3. But I've run into some problems. Should be sorted out by tomorrow. In the meantime, just enjoy the blog as it was, peruse your old favorites (like the post about the guys trapped by polar bears! [Update: now re-Englished]), & pretend that unwieldy category list in the sidebar is not actually there. Update: Categories, in English and Lojban, are sorted into a drop-down menu in the sidebar.

There will soon be other changes too. I'm going to change the design template to something that will better suit a sans-serif font; I'm switching over to sans-serif so I can maintain readability at a smaller size, the better to accommodate the blog's bilingual nature. Also I'm going to include the profile. Down the road I will need to bilingualize some more of the Blogger template. And I'm going to add some more links. Yes, la laxma'i spaji spaji is up all night, working for you. Cheers! Update: Well, er, Blogger has finally implemented categories. When it gets out of beta, I'll be implementing them here. In the meantime, I'll hold off on the other stuff.


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