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If you were sixty-furnace

ni'o lo nu lo nu la'o gy Dann Baker gy goi dy by cu jmive cu nanca li 50 cu se salci ca lo prulamcte i so'i prenu cu zvati te zu'e lo nu salci dy by noi banli je citno nanmu i dy by traji ju'o cu'i lo'i zgike prenu poi jikca mi ku lo ka stati i dy by mutce stati lo nu zgike terpemci e lo nu zgike finti e lo nu jgita tigni i dy by ca lo nu zgike se bende la'o gy Spaceheaters gy poi co'u zasti ku'o fi mi cu tigni se pi'o lo snoslijgita i dy by zgike te bende fi la'o gy Love Camp 7 gy i lo zgike pe ri cu se klesi lo zgiknroknrolo po'o i ju'a la'a do pu no roi tirna lo simsa be la'o gy Love Camp 7 gy

ni'o lo fetpa'i be dy by cu pu zbasu le pa bitmu po la dan gi'e cpedu lo nu lasna lo dacti co mojgau be fi dy by ke'a kei loi salci i mi ne'i lo zdani be vo'a cu snada sisku pa seltigni selsa'a liste pe la'o gy Spaceheaters gy gi'e ji'a facki pa cizra mifra poi mi ba zu do'a nai cu jimpe fi ke'a
My friend Dann Baker's 50th birthday celebration was held last night. Tons of people came out to fête the great young man. Dann is perhaps the finest musician in my acquaintance -- a great lyricist, a great songwriter, and a crazy delicious guitarist. He played bass guitar in my now defunct band, the Spaceheaters. His principal project is a band called Love Camp 7. Except for the rock instrumentation they are uncategorizable; you've never heard anything like them.

His girlfriend set up a "wall of Dann", for which invitees were asked to contribute Dann-related memorabilia. I rummaged the house to find a Spaceheaters set list, and also uncovered a mysterious document that took me some time to decipher:

You have the necessity of the temporary one, of which that she projected nevertheless in me, if you were sixty-furnace

i lo bi'u nai selci'a cu mifra fi la'o gy Lost in Translation gy i ri samru'e pa jufra be fi lo glibau pa drata jufra be fi lo glibau lo nu pilno la'o gy Babelfish gy lo nu fanva vo'e lo fasybau mu'a fu da xi 1 gi'e fanva ri lo glibau fu da xi 2 gi'e fanva ri lo dotybau mu'a fu da xi 3 gi'e fanva ri lo glibau fu da xi 4 gi'e panra jai rapli i lo'e jalge cu klesi lo tcecizra pemciIt's the result of Lost in Translation, an engine that takes English text and outputs English text -- after using Babelfish to translate the original into French, back to English, into German, back into English, &c. The results are a kind of surrealistic poetry.

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Anonymous Paula said...

Hey. I didn't know you had a blog. And I was just musing recently about how beautiful it would be if we had a universal language--I wonder if this Lob-gobby stuff would work?

25 September, 2006 16:13  
Blogger komfo,amonan said...

Hey. How'd you know I had a blog? One thing that's nice about Lojban is that it aspires to cultural neutrality. I like to think of it as a basis for an "interlingua" in machine translation (i.e., program a computer to translate from X to Lojban to Y, for any languages X & Y). It might be good for international treaties. And the EU could stand to have an auxiliary language, instead of trying to have 25+ official languages; Esperanto, Interlingua, or Ido might work for them....

26 September, 2006 14:53  
Anonymous PC said...

I found your blog thru Rebecca's blog, you'd left a comment.

I am going to read up on Lobjan!

26 September, 2006 20:33  
Blogger komfo,amonan said...

Excellent plan! Ask me any questions you may have. You know where to find me.

27 September, 2006 01:55  

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