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Taco de ojo : Easy on the eyes

ni'o e'u sai va'o lo nu do kakne kei do vitke la'o zoi La Esquina zoi te zu'e lo nu do se pluka lo kukte snujrtako i mi na'o tolcafne tcegei lo nu mi citka i je ku'i mi ca'o le cabna djedi be li ci cu ci roi ba'o vitke

i ju'o sai mi na gusta pajni ciska i se ki'u bo mi na ba troci lo nu skicu lo ka lei snujrtako cu kukte se la'u ma kau i je ku'i ei nai do krici lo bi'u nai se xusra be mi i ki'u bo mi ba'o vitke fi'o kansa la keit poi pendo mi ku'o e la keit poi drata je pendo be mi ku'o e lo speni be la keit be'o vu'o noi ro ke'a tugni mi la'e da'u

i ca lo nu vitke ca lo vondei kei la keit zgana lo du'u lo me zoi zoi huitlacoche zoi snujrkesadilia cu se posyve'u kei gi'e jungau mi lo du'u da'i nai lo me zoi zoi huitlacoche zoi goi ko'a cu mledi terbi'a fi lo zumri i pe'i lo nu lo si'o citka lo bilma stagi cu racli cu cizra mi i je ku'i ky xusra lo du'u ko'a kukte i nu'e do'u mi do ba jungau

i lo te tavla cu ba zenba lo ka ce'u xlali i ri'a bo ky jungau fi lo du'u se posyve'u fa lo kanla snujrtako goi fo'u bu'u la cikagos i fo'u je'a du le xanri be do lo va'i snujrtako be lo kanla be lo bakni i lo besna ji'a cu se snuji fo'u i mi tolracli krici lo du'u ei lo nu fo'u cu se posyve'u cu flatolselcru i je ku'i ti'e da'i nai fo'u se posyve'u bu'u ji'a la santys barbyrys e la filydelfiys i mi'a fliba lo nu facki lo du'u da posyve'u da'i fo'u bu'u la niu,iork i je ju'a mi mo'u je'u sisku

ni'o ca lo nu mi pa re'u vitke la'o zoi La Esquina zoi kei mi pinxe lo me zoi zoi michelada zoi i my birje joi ke cpina kapsiku purmo ke'e joi ri'ornimre bo jisra jo'u bisli gi'e se vasru lo kabri poi lo silna cu cpana lo ctebi pe'a be ke'a i my rigni gi'e e'u sai se pinxe ro da poi ke'a sinma lo'e rigni

La EsquinaIf you have the opportunity, I urge you to visit La Esquina and enjoy a delicious taco. I don't usually get excited about food, but I just got back from my third visit in three days.

I am by no means a restaurant reviewer, so I'm not gonna try to describe how delicious the tacos are. But you don't have to take my word for it. I've been with my friend Kate, my other friend Kate, and Kate's husband, and they all agree with me on this.

During Thursday's visit, Kate noticed a huitlacoche quesadilla on the menu & informed me that huitlacoche was, in fact, corn smut. I thought it odd that eating diseased vegetables was considered a good idea, but she assured me it was tasty. I'll let you know.

The conversation went downhill from there, as she revealed that in Chicago it was possible to procure taco de ojo. That is just what you'd expect it to be: a taco with a cow's eyeball in it. Also, apparently, brains. Irrationally I thought that that should be illegal. But apparently it's available in Santa Barbara and Philadelphia as well. We have yet to find a purveyor in New York, and to be honest, I've stopped looking.

On my first visit to La Esquina I tried a michelada. That would be beer, chili, and lime on ice, with salt on the rim of the glass. It's terrible, and I heartily recommend it to everyone who values things that are terrible.

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Blogger Kate said...

oh me oh my oh, i cannot wait to go back. mmmmm. but no eyeballs. we don't eat eyeballs in bawlmer, hon.

24 March, 2008 00:51  
Anonymous komfo,amonan said...

NOICE! Can't wait to get the audio version of that.

24 March, 2008 13:08  
Blogger Kate said...

Bien dicho.

I dream in tacos now.

(Sorry for making you squeamish with the eyeball taco talk, but that's the kind of horror I couldn't keep to myself.)

27 March, 2008 10:01  
Anonymous komfo,amonan said...

It was worth being freaked out in order gain access to a tool with which I can freak other people out. So I had an afternoon skewed and my dreams haunted. Now I can skew afternoons and haunt dreams. ¡Viva el taco de ojo!

28 March, 2008 13:30  

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