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ma dasni lo palku : Who wears the pants?

ni'o pu zi ca'o tolcando bu'u le cmarai be le'i jecta be bu'u le terdi .i ru'a so'i prenu ca di'i nai vitke pe'a fi ly my sy sy te zu'e lo nu troci lo nu jimpe fi le se go'i kei kei gi'e ku'i penmi pe'a po'o lo sebri'a nunsma

.i je'u au mi cusku so'u po'o da .i ju'o le bi'u nai fasnu cu mutce co zdile mi

ni'o sa'u le jatnrpapa cu jdice ci cinri no'u la'e di'e

.i tu'e pa mai de'i li no pa pi'e re vo cu gasnu lo nu za'u re'u cmima fa le poi ke'a pu se tolcmigau fi le la'orxi'o se lijda ku'o vo catnrpepiskopo po la jdaca'i bunsi'u bo bende pe la poi ke'a cesyvu'e pius poi pa no moi ge'u goi la'o zoi FSSPX zoi to la'orbau se krasi toi .i la'e di'u ze'a lo masti be li so'o cu se pacna fi li pi so'a .i ba bo zi lo cacra be li so'o be'o pa le'i catnrpepispkopo no'u la'o zoi Richard Williamson zoi fi'o tivni zo'e pe bu'u la sferies cu tolmipri lo du'u ri krici lo du'u la'o zoi Shoah zoi na ca'a fasnu

.i re mai de'i li no re pi'e no pa cu gasnu lo nu la'o zoi Gerhard Maria Wagner zoi cu catnrpepiksopo vipsi bu'u la lins .i ra krici lo du'u la nuorlynz se sfasa fi lei pe ri melbi ke nungle vecnu

.i ci mai de'i li no re pi'e no vo ba lo nu ge la noi dotco turnrkanslere angylys merkyl gi lo drata cu pante cu carmi co cpedu lo nu la'o zoi Williamson zoi xusra lo du'u la'o zoi Shoah zoi ja'a fasnu tu'u

ni'o je'u ru'a mi ba te pinka fi so'o da no'u la'e di'e

.i tu'e pa mai e'o za'u a'o sai simsa

.i re mai pe'i lo nu zo'e pe la'o zoi FSSPX zoi za'u re'u cmima cu xautce .i lo du'u ra loi bropre cu nalnei cu gu'e nai cnino gi gu'e nai se mipri gi nai krinu da'i nai be lo nu ra se tolcmigau .i zu'u curmi lo nu da poi ke'a srera ja xenkai cu la'orxi'o se lijda .i zu'u nai tolcru lo nu da gasnu lo nu de catnrpepiskopo va'o lo nu le jatnrpapa cu na'e zanru .i ja'o le bi'u nai catnrpepiskopo gau ku cu za'u re'u cmima mu'i lo nu tolzau le nu vo'a gau ku pu catnrpepiskopo se mu'i lo nu vo'a de'i li pa so bi bi cu se tolcmigau tu'u

.i na fanmo .i cinri mi fa lo nu ma kau selyli'e fasnu

ni'o ga la'o zoi Williamson zoi gi la'o zoi Wagner zoi krici la'e de'e .i mi na satci cusku lo se du'u ma kau krici ma kau .i bo e'u le selci'i tcidu cu te preti fo la'o zoi Google zoi
  • .i tu'e su'e ci no no ki'o bropre ca'o le re moi ke terdi nunjamna cu se catra
  • .i bilga lo nu tolselcru lo nu lo ninmu cu ve balcu'e
  • .i lo nalfange cu zukte la me li no so pi'e pa pa
  • .i la noi ke'a cambi'e katrinas cu ve sfasa fo la cevn
  • .i le tsunami be de'i li re no no vo cu ve sfasa fo la cevn
  • .i xebni la'o zoi Harry Potter zoi mu'i lo nu ri'a tu'a ri cu zenba lo ni la satan se jdasinma ce'u
  • .i xebni la'o zoi The Sound of Music zoi
  • .i loi ninmu cu bilga lo nu na dasni lo palku to'i fi'o se tugni mi vau zo'o sai toi tu'u

There's been a lot of activity in the world's smallest country lately. No doubt many have been coming to LMSS to try to make sense of it all, only to be faced with a frustrating silence.

It turns out I don't have much to say, other than I am finding the events highly entertaining.

To sum up, the Pope made three interesting decisions:

1. On 24 January he reinstated the four excommunicated bishops of the Society of Saint Pius X, as has been expected for months. Hours later, one of the bishops, Richard Williamson, outed himself as a Holocaust denier on the television in Sweden.

2. On 1 February he appointed Gerhard Maria Wagner to be auxiliary bishop of Linz. Bishop Wagner believes New Orleans was punished for its beautiful whores.

3. On 4 February, after an international outcry including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, he demanded that Williamson recant his views on the Holocaust.

OK, I guess I have a few things to say.

1. More of this, please!

2. I think the reinstatement of the SSPX is a fine idea. Their anti-Semitism is not new, nor is it a secret, nor was it the reason for their excommunication. You can be wrong or hateful & still be a Catholic. You can't consecrate a bishop without the Pope's approval. So the bishops were reinstated as laymen for repudiating their own consecration for which they were excommunicated in 1988.

This ain't over yet; it'll be interesting to see how it plays out.

Here are some of the beliefs of Williamson & Wagner. I won't bother to say which is whose; the interested reader can ask the Google.
  • Believes 300,000 Jews were killed during the Second World War.
  • Believes women should not be allowed to attend university.
  • Believes 9/11 was an inside job.
  • Believes Hurricane Katrina was punishment from God.
  • Belives the 2004 tsunami was punishment from God.
  • Hates Harry Potter for spreading satanism.
  • Hates The Sound of Music.
  • Believes women should not wear pants [ed. note: I agree with this!!!].

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Blogger Kate said...

The papacy hasn't been this interesting in centuries. And don't forget that you can now stock up on indulgences! Williamson might want to look into that.

10 February, 2009 12:07  
Blogger komfo,amonan said...

I imagine Peter's Chair was The Hot Spot in 1965. But this is certainly excellent for us.

I'm sure Williamson is indulging himself into a frenzy right about now.

10 February, 2009 13:26  
Blogger master_of_americans said...

Cool. I've been disappointed that many of favorite blogs have skimped on the SSPX rapprochement coverage (nothing at bloggingheads at all!). I should have known la Laxma'i would come through for me.

Regarding SSPX and anti-Semitism, I have to admit that I had never really thought much about it. I guess I assumed that the rest of the group wasn't very interested in anti-Semitism, but they put up with Williamson because they figured they needed all the friends they could get. Is there something more about this I should now?

Also, any idea what the official Catholic position is on the idea of a posthumous rapprochement with Lefebvre? Must a good Catholic necessarily believe that Lefebvre is in Hell? I guess, to the best of my knowledge, the received opinion is that one cannot be plucked from Hell after arriving there, but God might have made a special allowance to spare Lefebvre at the time of his death despite his exommunicated status. So, rehabilitating Lefebvre isn't really at issue, since he's either been rehabilitating already by the Pope's boss, or else he's already gone for good.

16 February, 2009 17:31  
Blogger master_of_americans said...

Also, is "ma dasni lo palku" kashrut? It doesn't sound very culturally neutral ... unless, as I fail to imagine, you are referring to an actual pair of pants.

16 February, 2009 17:33  
Blogger komfo,amonan said...

Anti-Semitism: Wikipedia's entry has plenty of footnotes on this issue; o'i sai dai doi lo tcidu Also, they scrubbed this interesting article from their English-language website. Make of that what you will.

Lefebvre's immortal soul: I am not a catechism expert, but I would imagine that since he himself did not reconcile, he is in hell, & will remain there until the Second Coming, at which point I don't know what happens.

18 February, 2009 22:44  
Blogger komfo,amonan said...

palku: The Lojban refers to pairs of pants, specifically to the last line of the post. The English, of course, avails itself of both the literal & figurative meanings.

18 February, 2009 22:49  

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