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Ghost dawg

ni'o mi jo'u la brad poi pendo mi to ta'o by tcecre lo nu zgike finti jo'u tigni toi ta'o nai za lo djedi be li ci ne'i ki lo pa barja pu ki pinxe lo birje i ba zu lo cacra be li ci xa ku mi pa re'u se jungau fi lo du'u lo pa pulji vi lo ci porla'i lajyterkruca cu ca se celgunta da mu'i no ba'u de i cizra fa lo du'u ti'e da speni lo bi'u pa pulji i ki ku ba'a ju'o sai lo pu'u pajni lo bi'u nai nuncelgunta kei cu ba cinriFriday night I was drinking peacefully with my friend Brad (a great musician by the way). Little did I know until 36 hours later that a policeman had been shot three blocks away for no reason. Oddly, the shooter seems to have been the husband of another police officer. This is sure to engender a fascinating trial.

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