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Pork vs boa

ni'o ni'o mi ca lo prulamdei ca'o lo nu vo'a mo'i pa'o la'o zoi the Village zoi cu cadzu cu klama mo'i zo'a pa bi'u ninmu i je norcizra ja tolcizra fa pi so'a loi taxfu be ny be'o e nai ku'i lo pelxu ke pimlu clane'ota'u i ca bo mi ba zi kansa pa pendo lo nu vacysai citka i se mu'i bo mi jungau py lo du'u go'e i py ba lo nu mi tilze'a skicu ny cu cusku lu ju'o cu'i ny du la'o zoi Laurel Touby zoi li'u i ly ty na pu slabu mi i mi ca lo nu mi ba'o klama lo zdani cu siskrguglu ly ty i bo ua ri ja'a du ny

ni'o ni'o mi ca lo zeldei cu klama la'o zoi Red Hook Park zoi noi panka ku'o te zu'e lo nu citka lo xispo cidja poi lo vecnu ca ro xavdei ja zeldei cu friti ke'a i mi terve'u fo lo rupnu be li mu fe pa xarju rectu snujrkesadilia poi tcecai je melbi kukte i je co'e pa tcatrxamaika noi tcati la'e zoi zoi hibiscus zoi i to mi ponse no samkacma i ku'i lo pixra bu'u ti cu ka'e se catlu toi i ba ku mi zgana pi so'o lo tipyboi terjvi i lo tcima cu xlali gi'e sa'u nai ckaji lo ka lo tsani cu grusi e lo ka milxe carvi i je ku'i to'e ki'u nai bo mi selzdi lo nu dzukla lo panka ku ce'o lo zdani

Yesterday while walking through the Village I passed by a woman who was ordinarily, even conservatively dressed, except that she was wearing a yellow boa. I was on my way to meet a friend for dinner, so I mentioned this to her. After I described the woman more thoroughly she said, "Maybe it was Laurel Touby." Never heard of her. When I got home I googled her & indeed it was she.

Saturday I went down to Red Hook Park to try out the Latin American food from the vendors who set up every weekend. I got a $5 pork quesadilla -- transcendently beautifully delicious. Also a jamaica -- a tea made from hibiscus. (I don't have a camera, but you can see pictures here.) Then I watched some soccer. It was a crappy day -- grey and drizzly -- but I enjoyed the walk there and back anyway.

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Anonymous Jonathan Derque said...

lo tipyboi cu mutce selnei vi le fasygu'e .e piro le rongu'e
.i xu do ganse loka lo tipyboi selnei cu zenba vi le mergu'e

.i mu'o mi'e .jol.

28 May, 2007 14:27  
Blogger komfo,amonan said...

mi na'e birti i ki'u bo la'o zoi BBC zoi cu te nuzba lo tipyboi terjvi fo mi vau u'i i ba'a lo ni lo tipyboi terjvi cu se nelci loi merko ba ja'a ru'i zenba

i so'a lo jivna be bu'u la'o zoi Red Hook zoi cu xispo

28 May, 2007 17:54  
Blogger Dan Sallitt said...

Did you know who Laurel Touby was before this encounter? I didn't. Are people who run web sites becoming famous these days?

28 May, 2007 19:34  
Blogger komfo,amonan said...

Nope. Had no idea. But my friend is a magazine editor and has been using mediabistro for years, so she knew. Touby must enjoy a kind of media-fame, and the fact that she runs a site that helps people find work can't hurt.

I should add a link to a page that explains who she is, & maybe explicitly cop to my own ignorance.

28 May, 2007 19:54  
Blogger Dan Sallitt said...

It looks to me as if she really is famous, and that I (and maybe you, I wouldn't presume) am not plugged in to the right outlets. "Laurel Touby" gets 309,000 hits on Google. I saw a cartoon about her boa. There's this whole other world out there that seems to have something to do with Gawker, The New York Observer, etc., where Laurel Touby is a household name.

The undertone in most of the articles about her is that she's a bitch. I especially like the indirection of the Times article on her wedding:

30 May, 2007 08:15  
Blogger komfo,amonan said...

She seems to have a certain amount of fame in New York; I don't know about elsewhere. Also, I think her fame is a kind of media-fame. She's big in media, and the media, understandably, over-report their own. I tried to come up with a similar person, and I came up with Ana Marie Cox. She gets 332,000 ghits.

I got the sense that she was kind of a bitch too, but I didn't think the Times article (which -- confession -- I had read before you pointed it out) was indirect. But I don't know the general feel of those wedding pieces.

30 May, 2007 19:03  
Blogger Dan Sallitt said...

Excuse me while I go figure out who Ana Marie Cox is....

31 May, 2007 10:05  

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