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Ite, missa est

ni'o mi ca lo nu verba cu djica lo nu mi ca lo nu makcu cu jatnrpapa i ki'u bo le ca'a cnino jatnrpapa cu certu lo nu lo ji'i pa pa mei cu bangu vo'a i je mi menli xregau fi le bi'u nai selcre noi mi djica lo nu panra certu ke'a ku'o e le ca'irjibri i nau ku mi na djica lo nu mi jatnrpapa i je ku'i mi ru'i jundi zo'e pe la vatikanas

ni'o le cnino cnino jatnrpapa no'u la poi pa xa moi benediktus goi fo'a to fo'a ba ro roi se cmene zo ratsingr mi toi cu ba'o jdice lo nu curmi lo nu ro jdaca'i cu pilno le la'orbau ke ri'irnunjmaji seltcidu pe la tridentum ge'u ku i ri de'i li pa mu ze no bi'o pa so ze no cu se pilno gi'e se pagbu lo pa jufra co tolsinma be loi broseljda i i'a nai i'e nai lo nu lo bi'u nai jufra cu se vimcu cu cumki

ni'o mi ji'u le bi'u nai cuntu e le drata cu te sidbo fi lo du'u la ratsingr senva lo pu zu la'orxi'ojda no'u lo ropno terganzu poi birti pe'a lo du'u mulno drani je vrude i za'a fo'a naldunku lo du'u lo nu troci lo nu rongau le bi'u nai lijda kei cu ba rinka ju'o cu'i lo nu lo nu ly zenba lo ka ruble cu zenba lo ka sutra i je drani go'i i lo ka fo'a seljda lacri je krici cu simlu lo ka mapti
When I was a kid, I wanted to grow up to be the Pope. This was because the new Pope was fluent in, like, eleven languages, & I conflated this skill, which I desired for myself, with the office. I don't want to be the Pope anymore, but I still keep an eye on the Vatican.

The new new Pope, Benedict XVI (he'll always be Ratzinger to me), has decided to allow any priest to say the Latin Tridentine Mass, which was used from 1570 to 1970, and which contains some text insulting to the Jews. They could have taken that out.

I get the idea, from this and other things, that Ratzinger dreams of the Church of long ago, a European institution secure in its total correctness and virtue. He seems unconcerned that trying to Europeanize it will hasten its decline. Nor should he be. His faith seems appropriate.

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Anonymous Paula said...

Which is the anti-Semtic part?

Mr Lojban, if I were on the proper committee, I would totally vote for you for Pope.

12 July, 2007 14:12  
Blogger komfo,amonan said...

Which is the anti-Semtic part?
It is a Good Friday prayer for the conversion of the Jews. I couldn't find it Monday, but I found it today. I will post it in the next few days, in glorious trilinguality!

Mr Lojban, if I were on the proper committee, I would totally vote for you for Pope.
Thanks! That means a lot coming from you.

12 July, 2007 15:42  

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